Will your kid meet with online predator? (Horrific video by Coby Persin and mSpy)

Carla L. Hirsch
Will your kid meet with online predator? (Horrific video by Coby Persin and mSpy)

mSpy is proud to present a social experiment video conducted by Coby Persin, a famous v-blogger. 3 kids age 12,13 and 14 were befriended by a fake profile via Snapchat. 3 days later they all showed up to the meeting. Their parents were convinced that their kids will never do this.

Let’s talk no more but watch the video:

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The idea of the experiment

The experiment was held with a help of mSpy parental control app. During a week a journalist, Coby Persin befriended 3 kids of 12, 13 and 14 years old. With a consent of their parents he started chatting with them on Snapchat app. The culmination of this experiment was a meeting with every teen in person.  The deadliest thing is that every tween showed up in specified time and place, without thinking about possible dangers.

This video is extreme and pretty sad but it speaks the truth about kids’ online activity. What could have happened if that was a child abuser or a sexual predator instead of the journalist meeting kids offline?

Parents need to put off your pink glasses and understand that the Internet is not a sand-pit. If you, as a parent, allow Internet usage, you need to teach your kids how to be safe online.

A list of things you need to teach your child about internet safety:

  1. Teach them to protect their privacy

Unfortunately, kids don`t understand the consequences of revealing their personal information online. Let’s review the basic rules:

  • They shouldn`t share phone number, address, real name, home address;
  • They shouldn`t post photos without your permission;
  • They shouldn`t answer to obtrusive or insulting messages;
  • They shouldn`t open e-mails from unknown people;
  • They shouldn`t follow the links from people they don’t know.
  1. Become a part of their digital world

Remember that as a parent you need to understand both offline and online lives of your child. You need to know what your child is searching for online, what sites are followed and which apps they are using.

  1. Build open and friendly relations

Families where kids are close with their parents tend to lower risks of getting into trouble. Setting friendly and open relations with your son or daughter is a key to happy well-being. Here some tips to achieve such relationships:

  • never reject your kids when they want to talk;
  • share your free time with kids;
  • give them your piece of advice and a help hand when needed;
  1. Event simulation

Have a conversation with your children. Propose them several scenarios of different situations they may face online (cyberbullying, sexual abusers, sexting). Then listen to their point of views and their ideas. Pinpoint the good and bad answers and suggest how they should behave in this or that situation.

  1. No meetings with online strangers

Plead your kids not to get together with anyone they meet online. It can have horrible consequences and destroy your kid`s future. You watched the video and you understand where the Internet meetings can lead to.

  1. Use mSpy parental app

Without doubts, mSpy is a reliable parental control. With the help of mSpy you can:

  • monitor your kid`s online activity;
  • see all messages your child receives and sends;
  • see all outgoing and incoming calls;
  • view social media messengers (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook etc);
  • follow your kids` GPS location on the virtual map;
  • view all links and sites they follow;
  • monitor their Internet search history, cookies and so on.

For sure, mSpy can protect your child from dangers online. But don’t forget that this is not a cure. Responsible parenting comes in combination of education and monitoring.

  1. No Snapchat app

We encourage you to block this app on your kid`s phone. This app is dangerous for kids and is a perfect place for kids` abusers and sexual predators. Unfortunately, kids don`t have analytical thinking and can`t differentiate what is good and what is bad, especially while online. Consequently, they accept things with their child naivety and take everything at face value.

Even if your kids like this app and you think you can trust them, you need to monitor every snap, every photo, every video, every message with the help of mSpy parental app.

Parents, we do hope that this social experiment opened your eyes and since this very moment you will be more attentive to your kid`s online activity, especially to Snapchat app and equal social media apps (like Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp).

mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.

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Carla L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. She has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then she decided to dedicate her life to traveling and freelance writing.

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