Win an iPad with mSpy on Facebook

  Are you a gambler? Do you like participating in different contests? Then it is your time! Winning an iPad has never been easier – all you need to do is to be a creative and outgoing person. Apart from being a spy, of course.

  As you know, mSpy was initially designed for people who are interested in getting the truth and investigating the dark sides of a person or relationships. Here is a letter addressed to all our devoted agents:

“Good Morning Agent. We have received your report and the Agency is willing to provide an “iPad”. However, we have one last mission for you.

Operation: ‘I’mSpy”

Mission Briefing: Prove that you are our best Agent. Despite your years of service, some still have doubts. We will need photographic evidence of your claim as the best there is. If you are successful, the title of Agent mSpy will be yours, as well as the “iPad”.


 1. Like our Fan page on Facebook. Acquire a photo of you in action, showing what it truly means to be a spy. However since this is to prove you are the best, you MUST include the “mSpy logo” in the photo.

2. Post it on the wall for everyone to see. You are no longer working in the shadows, this time the public must know.

3. Use your connections to get as many likes/shares as possible. Remember there will be other Agents competing with you.

       On behalf of the Agency, we would like to thank you once more Agent, for all you have done. Upon successful completion of the mission, you will be presented with the “iPad” as you requested. It has been a pleasure watching you work over the years. May this last one be your greatest. Good luck.”

Do not lose your chance – win an iPad today! Click here to like our Facebook page and take part in the contest. Good luck to you all!

Meanwhile, we remind you that mSpy is still the best parental control program. Read why parental control is crucial.

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