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The future is wearable technology. That is what the world is looking at, move away tablets and “Phablets” for the wearable tech products are coming in. Imagine a wrist band that monitors your heart rate, body temperature, sugar level and calories you burn, as well as tell you the time. Sounds like something out of “Star Trek” or from a science fiction novel? Think again, wearable tech has breached the market with calorie counting sports related wristbands, necklaces and other miscellaneous items that you can wear. Yet, how do you define what is wearable tech? Does strapping your phone on your body with duct tape consist as wearable tech, since you’re kind of “wearing” it? To simplify things, wearable technology is any clothing or fashion electronics that consist of both a highly practical function as well as a high regard to its aesthetic value. So, not only is duct taping your phone to your body not wearable tech, it is also a really dumb idea.
Some of the most exciting wearable tech pieces out in the market now are Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Jawbone’s UB24. The galaxy gear is a step up from the normal phones that Samsung makes, as it allows users to check their messages or who’s calling, on their watches rather than whipping out their phones. Features like heart rate monitoring and offline music playback is also available in the Galaxy Gear. Though this seems like a no brainer, the exciting thing about such features is that it is only the tip of the iceberg. The future seems bright for Samsung as they will undoubtedly introduce more game changing features to the wearable tech line that they have.
Jawbone’s UB24, on the other hand, is a fitness tracker that is light weight and handy. It is a device that assists anyone interested in their health by tracking the amount of steps taken, calories burnt and amount of sleep taken. This is a smartly made and very comfortable wearable device that ties in to an app on your phone, tablet or Phablet. However, the lack of a screen to review your progress is an irritating aspect of this otherwise, piece of superb work. It has quality workmanship and a sense of ruggedness that surpasses most products out in the market. This item is a definite buy for all fans of technology.
Other interesting aspects of wearable tech are the move to including such technology to clothing. This would allow more processing power unto the wearable technology due to the higher surface area. This is seen in the product touted by Athos. Athos sells a clothing product that communicates with your cellphone on muscle activity, heart rate and breathing. This amazing piece of technology is powered by a “Core” computing device that can fit within the palm of your hand.
With all these exciting devices coming out or already here in the market it is no wonder that the future of wearable technology is fast approaching. Though most applications in the market seem unlikely to gain more popular following, wearables definitely represent the future of mobile devices. Learn more about adoptive mobile future!

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