Xnore Parental Control Review 2019: Pros and Cons Of The App

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Xnore Parental Control Review: Pros and Cons Of The App

What is Xnore?

Xnore is a cell phone tracking software, which is widely used by parents and business owners. Parents use Xnore to monitor the online activity of their kids. Business owners or employers apply the software to keep track of the mobile activity of their employees.

Xnore covers different subscription plans. They offer various sets of features to meet the requirements of the users.

How does it work? You need to install an Xnore app on the device you want to monitor. The device monitored is called a target device. The app will start working as soon as installation and setup are complete on the target device.

The Xnore works remotely. It records the data, which is generated by different types of mobile activities. Be it Facebook or location, and any activity will be detected by Xnore. The data collected is regularly sent to your Control Panel. You can get access to Control Panel by logging into your account on the official site of Xnore. Here you can check the logs any time.

The only user who has login credentials can access the Control Panel to view the logs. Xnore keeps collected data safe in a user’s personal account. Log into your online account to check the activity recorded on the target device.

Xnore software isn’t shipped. You will receive an e-mail including everything you need to start monitoring someone’s phone. E-mail contains an activation link. Follow the link to get access to installation guidelines.

Unfortunately, you can’t install the tracking app remotely. Get physical access to the device to download and install the software on it. Enter a link (which you will find in your e-mail) in the address bar of the mobile browser to install the app. Download the Xnore apk file and set up the application after installation.

The installation creates icon of the Xnore app. You can either keep it visible on the target device or hide it from the user.

Does Xnore require root? Xnore can work on the unrooted device. The app itself doesn’t require root on the target device, but some of its features do. You won’t be able to use full set of features of Xnore without rooting target device firstly.

What do you need to root the device? Rooting is not a complicated process, but it does require some specific technical skills. If you have ones, you can root on your own. All you need is a rooting software and 10 minutes of your free time.

You need physical access to the target phone to root it. Make sure the battery is charged enough. Then back up your data, because rooting and following modifications will erase all the files from the device.

Go to settings of the phone to allow installation from unknown sources, after rooting is complete. Then you can download and install Xnore.

Does the Xnore software work worldwide? Xnore collects the data regardless of cell phone carrier of the target device or region you live in. But Xnore software requires Internet connection to transfer collected data to your Panel. Make sure the target phone is connected to the Internet.

Xnore software is aimed to assist parents in creating safe online environment for their kids. Usage of parental control app is by no means illegal. But your intentions to use the Xnore app shouldn’t contradict such legal requirements:

  • You aim to use Xnore to control and monitor the device of your underage child
  • You intend to use the software to monitor the devices of your employees only in the case they know about being tracked
  • You aim to watch your own device with Xnore

You should understand that using the Xnore app not following the above requirements you may be accused of illegal usage of the software. Also, make sure to look through the jurisdiction of your country.

If there are any legal issues unresolved better contact your legal advisor to make things clear.

Features: SMS text

Xnore has a broad set of spying features. They allow you to monitor the full activity of a particular user. One of such features is the SMS text tracker.

How does SMS text tracking features work? The Xnore app collects text messages sent and received on the target device. The software would gather the SMS data even if the message were already deleted. But this doesn’t work with SMS removed before the Xnore app was installed.

Xnore sends texts to your account. You will see the collected message in your Control Panel immediately after it is sent or received on the target device.

Only you can review collected texts. No one else can enter the Control Panel and read the text messages without your login credentials.

Is it okay to read SMS of your kid? Let’s start with the fact that kids are unable to leave their phones still for at least 20 minutes. And most of the time they text with each other. Although modern children prefer using social media to chat, some of them still use SMS.

SMS may seem an innocent way to communicate. But sometimes these harmful texts may hide some inappropriate material. That’s why the majority of parents started using parental controls to check the texts of their kids.

It’s not shameful to check SMS of your daughter or son. While you are unwilling to invade the privacy of your kid, someone will continue harassing your child in SMS.

With Xnore SMS tracking feature you get access to the text of each message. Time of message sent/received will also be shown. You can check the phone number of the sender and make a call to ensure connection with this person isn’t harmful to your kid.

Features: Geolocation

Another useful feature of Xnore is geolocation spy. Xnore app allows you to monitor the location of your kid in real-time.

You can set geofences for specific areas or places of the city. Xnore will record when kid enters or leaves particular geofence. Then you can connect the locations dots using Xnore interface in your Panel.

Note that geolocation requires Internet connection. If the device disconnects from Internet from time to time, location logs won’t be recorded. You can set the app Geolocating feature drains the battery fast. Make sure the target device is charged enough for the app to transmit data to your account regularly.

Is geolocating really helpful? Handling parenting and a nine-to-five job is stressful. Not surprisingly many parents can barely have time to call their kids during a day. The only way to ensure your kid is okay is to use the geolocating tracker.

You won’t need to log in to your account every minute to check the location of your kid. Xnore will send your geolocating notifications. You will know when your kid enters or leave school for sure.

Geolocating is not the only effective method to find out whether your kid reached home safely. It helps discover many details of your kid’s life. By monitoring geolocation, you will know where your child spends most of the time, what neighborhood they hang out with their friends and what type of cafés do they visit.

Features: Phone Log Tracking

Xnore covers phone log tracking feature. This allows you to find out many important details, which are hidden in the cell phone of your kid.

The Xnore software monitors the target device and collects the information on every call that is received by a user. Calls made from target phone and also missed calls will also be recorded.

The app provides the full overview of the calls. You will see the details like duration of calls, phone numbers and time when call was made or received.

How may phone log tracking help parents? Even if you know everything about your child, you can’t foresee who will contact them one day. Strangers reach kids often. Sometimes they intend to trick your kid into revealing some information. Some of them even bully kids over the phone.

It’s crucial for parents to protect children from such people. Xnore will provide you with insights of every call your kid receives. You can easily find out the number of the caller to make sure this person isn’t dangerous for your kid.

Features: Photo Recording

Xnore gives the detailed overview of your child’s photo gallery. The app collects photos taken and saved. You will also see the records containing photos shared to Facebook and sent to friends.

Though, not only parents can find this feature useful Photo recording will help prevent data leaks in the company. Using Xnore employers will find out when the employees share pictures of the company’s secret information.

What information can photo gallery conceal? Photo gallery of someone may tell you a lot about this particular person. Once modern kids love taking pics and sharing them with friends, their gallery is full of little evidence of different events. What your child’s gallery may hide?

  • Photos from parties. Photos your kids post on social media won’t tell you everything about their lives. The most interesting pics remain hidden in the photo gallery. Many kids conceal photos they take on parties. Such pictures may be too embarrassing to show them on social media.
  • A photo gallery may contain pictures with your kid smoking or drinking alcohol. Kids often boast about taking dangerous substances. So, they take photos to prove to their friends they tried it.
  • Looking through the gallery, you will be able to spot these bad habits and help your kid get rid of them.
  • Inappropriate material. Early exposure to sexual and violent content is harmful to any kid. Unfortunately, many children keep the inappropriate material in their photo galleries.
  • Examine your kid’s gallery for dangerous materials. You can prevent early exposure to inappropriate content if you detect it in time.
  • Proofs of bullying. Bullying is a big problem of the 21st century. Many psychologists study this issue in detail to help children to overcome bullying. Still, many kids suffer from being harassed in school.
  • Photo gallery may contain proofs of your kid being bullied. These can be screenshots of cyberbullying or even photos of bullied kids. Who knows maybe your kid is the one who bullies?

Features: Website History

Xnore allows you to get access to the list of sites reached from browser of your kid. The app tracks full website history on the target device. Xnore will collect all web search queries and links your kid follows.

If you analyze search results for the query “kids hide website history,” you will obviously come across articles about exposure to porn. Indeed, porn is the thing every kid may once type in search bar.

What is the solution to kids being exposed to porn? This problem is not new, but in the era of modern technologies, it is one of the most discussed between parents.

It is important to understand that even at young age kids can be easily exposed. And the older children are, the more chances they will be exposed. But it is not easy to talk about pornography with kids. Moreover, passcodes and limited access to pornographic sources won’t solve the problem completely.

Though, there is a way to prevent exposure to sexual material. It is to teach your kid to be conscious and prudent online. Telling your child what is good or bad is not often enough. You need to explain why certain types of content are harmful and why it is important to avoid them.

Your task as a parent is to help your kid to develop strong inner voice that will protect them from bad choices. Take part in the everyday struggles your kid may face. Try to build trust between you and your child. Only if your kid trusts you and perceives you not only as a parent but as a wise, responsible and attentive adult, you can influence your kid’s online behavior.

Features: Monitor From Anywhere

As it was already mentioned, the Xnore software sends collected data to your Control Panel. Thus, to monitor someone’s activity, you need to enter personal Panel.

Log in to your Xnore account to reach the Panel. Use your unique login credentials. Note that you won’t be able to monitor logs without your Xnore login and password.

You can enter your Control Panel from anywhere. You need a laptop connected to Internet to reach Control Panel.

Possibility to monitor kid’s activity from anywhere can be very useful for divorced parents and parents who take business trips often. If you don’t live with your kids, it’s difficult to keep up with the changes in their lives.

But it’s crucial for both parents to know what kid is dealing with everyday. So if you cannot be around often, monitor from any part of the world with Xnore.

How to become close to your kid if you don’t live with them?

  • Be a parent, not just adult. If you see your kid rarely, you miss significant events in their life. You don’t know what their hobbies are and what new friends they meet in school.
  • But being a parent means being aware of considerable changes in the life of your kid. Of course, you can’t physically watch their every milestone. Try to make your rare visits fun and exciting for the child.
  • Spend time with their friends. Majority of their time kids hang out with friends. They hang out in cafes, have sleepovers and play baseball together. But some of such friends may treat/affect your kid badly.
  • Find out who are the friends of your child. Try to spend time with your kid and their pals. Take them to the cinema or offer to spend the weekend at your place. Ensure your kid’s environment is free of toxic people.
  • Use parental controls. No parent can keep up with all the changes in the life of their kid. That’s why parental controls are widely used now.
  • Monitoring software allows reading social networks messages. Moreover, you will be updated on the real-time location of your kid.
  • You may not be around often. But parental control will provide direct access to the device of your child to reveal every detail you are curious to know.

Features: Remotely Control

Xnore application doesn’t require you to have regular direct access to the target phone. The software is designed to provide remote control. What does it mean?

You can monitor someone’s device right from your Panel. You can enter the Panel from any computer. It doesn’t mean from where you access the Control Panel. You will see the logs in your account as soon as you log in.

Remote control is also realized via SMS commands. Xnore has specific commands for every action or feature you want to turn on or off. If you want to disable GPS location tracking, send the command with a particular code in it. This will turn off the feature and save battery life. Send the command with another code to turn on the feature.

Features: Auto-Answer your call

Auto-answer feature is the easiest way to find out what your kid is doing. Auto-answer works hiddenly. You call the target device from personal phone. Xnore will automatically answer the call before the user will notice it. Since the call is answered, you can listen to what is going on around your child.

Is it okay to spy on your kid with auto-answer? There no right answer for this question. Some parents think there is nothing wrong with monitoring own child when some believe the opposite. But everything depends on specific factors. These are age and behavior of your child.

You can always talk to your child and explain the rules of responsible online and offline behavior. But you can’t guarantee they will protect themselves if anything happens. The need to monitor their phones is more than considerable.

If you still haven’t decided whether it is appropriate to monitor, you can establish monitoring rules. You can explain to your kid how their safety is important to you. Decide what time a day you will check the activity logs and inform your kid about it. Try to reach an agreement within this discussion.

Obey the monitoring rules. If your kid sees you follow the established rules, they will trust you unconditionally. Be honest with your kid, and you won’t need to worry whether it is okay to spy on their phones or not.

Features: Listen Surroundings Sound Live

Xnore activates surroundings listening after your SMS command. You can listen to surroundings noises and voices to understand what your kid is doing at the moment. This feature may be as useful as location tracking.

What can real-time listening can reveal?

  • The location of your child. It is easy to determine the location of your kid if you hear surrounding noises. It can be traffic noise or jazz music in the café. Using auto-answer, you can find out where your child is at the moment.
  • Surrounding people. You can recognize surrounding voices and find out what your kid is talking about with friends or other people. Xnore will ensure you hear the conversations between two or more people.
  • Analyzing the things your kid discusses with others you will get to know your child better.
  • Activities performed. Surrounding noises tell a lot about activities currently performed. Auto-answer will allow you to hear what your kid is up to at the moment.
  • Whether they play football or spend time at concert, you will know what your kid is doing with real-time listening.

Does surroundings listening feature drain the battery? Yes. This feature, as well as location tracking, uses a lot of battery life. Thus, you can’t listen to surroundings for a long time.

If your kid tends to take the portable charger, you will be able to continue listening to the surroundings. In other cases, try not to drain the battery. The Xnore app can’t work when the phone is dead.

The logs also won’t be recorded when the device is not connected to the Internet. Mind this fact when checking for new logs in your Control Panel. They will appear as soon as Internet connection is reestablished.

Features: Auto Call Record

Xnore also supports auto call record feature. The app records calls that are made on the target device. The software then uploads the recordings to your Panel. They are not deleted so you can listen to them whenever you want to.

What calls will be recorded?

  • Incoming and outgoing calls. The app records both type of calls: incoming and outgoing.
  • If someone calls your kid the app will automatically start recording when the phone is answered. The same is when your kid calls someone. Note that when the target device isn’t connected to the Internet call recordings won’t be transferred to your Panel.
  • Calls from unknown numbers. Some users hide their phone numbers from others. This can be done with special application. But Xnore will record the call from an unknown number. You will know who called your kid from hidden number and be able to find out what the conversation was about.
  • Missed calls. You will get enough information on the missed calls. The Xnore software will save the phone number the call was made from.

Should you listen to your kid’s phone conversations? If you hesitate about this, you should observe how your kids behave.

Sometimes children avoid parents. They may experience some inner struggles and facing difficult challenges. But of course, all children are different. So it is complicated to determine certain clichés in behavior that shows the kid is not okay.

But when children conceal something from the parents, they often behave similarly. Find out whether your kid hides something.

  • Ask to see their contacts list. Contacts list doesn’t always contain secret information. Ask your kid to show you what numbers are saved to their contacts. If your kid refuses to do that, there is obviously something you shouldn’t see.
  • Offer to meet your kid’s friends. Tell your child to ask their friends to spend the night at your house. You will get a chance to get to know these kids better.
  • If your child is unwilling to ask friends over, they don’t think their friends are positive influence on your child.
  • Talk to teachers at school. Teachers may sometimes see things you can’t. They watch how kids behave during lessons and on breaks. So, they can present you with detailed information on the behavior of your kid.

Features: Control Camera

Xnore doesn’t only provide access to a microphone. The software gains access to the camera of the target device. It allows you to capture photo activating the target device camera hiddenly.

Turn on the feature with SMS command. The camera will then take a secret photo without target user noticing it.

Does camera control feature drain the battery? The Xnore app turns on the feature when you command to do it. When the photo is taken the feature is automatically turned off. Camera control doesn’t drain battery much.

Camera control provides parents with a thorough examination of the kid’s surroundings. You will be able to see where your kid spends the time. If the camera takes the photo of your kid’s friends, you will find out what kind of people surround your child every day.

Features: Password Cracker

Password cracker is extremely useful for all parents. Employers also benefit from this Xnore feature. How does password cracker work?

You can trigger the feature by sending SMS command. Password tracker with then captures the login credentials user enters when logging in any social network. Xnore software will send captured password and login to your Panel.

Majority of parents is concerned about their kid’s behavior on social networks. Indeed, social networks are not the best place for children. How to find out your kid hides something on Facebook or Snapchat? What are the signs you should use a password cracker?

  • Kid declines your friend request. If the kid accepts your friend request on Facebook, you can see pictures they post and like. But some children don’t want to befriend parents on social networks. They may share inappropriate content. And apparently, they don’t want you to see it.
  • Kid texts with someone you don’t know. Texting is indeed favorite activity of any kid. They always prefer online communication over real one. But you should be aware of who they are texting with and what information they share with this person.
  • Kids may unintentionally expose their private data to strangers. Parents have to protect them from such mistakes. That’s why password cracker is a necessary tool.
  • Kid spends much time out of home. Every parent has to know where their kid spends the majority of time. If your kid doesn’t inform you about their plans and intentions for the evening, it is necessary to check their Facebook.

By examining social networks accounts of your kids, you will find out many compelling facts about your child. Password cracker is an indispensable tool for that.

Features: Spy On Email & IMs

Instant messaging apps are widely popular among all kids. They ensure fast communication between many users and don’t drain the battery. Moreover, IMs are inexpensive way to stay in touch with many people. Messengers consume little data allowing users to use mobile internet when there is no Wi-Fi.

IMs also support quick exchange of messages in group discussions. Some messengers don’t require users to know each other’s phone number to communicate within the network. For this and many other reasons, kids prefer instant messaging systems over social networking ones.

Xnore software makes it possible to spy on IMs and also read e-mails. Note that the feature works only on rooted device. The software needs root access to watch the instant messaging activities and transmit the collected data to your Control Panel.

Should you snoop on your child’s texts? Before installing parental controls, many parents have doubts about whether they should or shouldn’t snoop on the texts of their kids. This is not a dilemma to resolve though.

Living with your kid in one house you have a brilliant chance to teach your kid good morals. But even good children cannot avoid bad choices. The society and kid’s surroundings sometimes impose wrong behavioral standards.

When the kid enters college your chances to influence their life choices decrease exponentially. They won’t visit home often. And you won’t be able to affect their decision-making process somehow.

Majority of parents believe the invasion of their kid’s privacy is a not a solution. Though other parents stay calm and assured of their kid’s safety by monitoring their devices. If you find something, you can deal with situation the right way preventing the negative consequences. If not, then you can be happy your kid avoids troubles.

Don’t let them handle the problems on their own. Read your kid’s messages with Xnore if their online activity concerns you. They won’t refuse to show you the messages if there is nothing to hide.

Why is mSpy better?

Xnore is not the one parental control on the market. If you are dissatisfied with the software, you are free to try out another spying tool.

The mSpy app is the alternative monitoring software, which covers many helpful features. mSpy is a reliable software. You can be assured your data is secured and protected. What other advantages mSpy has?

  • The mSpy software doesn’t require solid technical skills. If you are not a tech-savvy parent, you will still be able to install the app and set up the features quickly. mSpy assists their customers in the installation of the app through Teamviewer. The technical assistant will guide you throughout the process and answer your questions 24/7.
  • mSpy prevents private data exposure. The mSpy software has the solution for users who lost their devices. The app blocks the thief from accessing personal data of your kid by locking the stolen device. Activate the feature by sending SMS command and protect data of your kid.
  • The mSpy app blocks unwanted phone numbers. If you don’t want certain number ever to call your kid, you can block it with mSpy. You can block as many numbers as you want to.
  • The software generates comprehensive reports. If you have no time to review logs regularly, you can receive detailed reports. The reports will be generated according to your request. If you request locations, you will find a report with all the location logs in your Personal Panel.
  • mSpy offers rooting/jailbreaking assistance. Rooting and jailbreaking the device is necessary if you want to try all the spying features of mSpy. With Advanced mAssistance package from mSpy, you will get professional help with rooting or jailbreaking the target phone.
  • The mSpy app helps your child to stop procrastinating. mSpy collects the data on apps usage. If you see your kid spending too much time scrolling Instagram, you can block it with mSpy. The software will restrict your kid from opening Instagram and procrastinating.

If you want to discover what challenges your kid faces every day, parental control is a must. Choosing mSpy you will guarantee your kid is surrounded by non-toxic friends.

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