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XNSPY review 2019: why spy apps will never beat legal monitoring ones?

XNSPY review: why spy apps will never beat legal monitoring ones?

Human vices bring money to the IT industry. That way, the global tracking software market teems with spy apps preying on unfaithful partners. Spy apps are considered compromising and, thus, official outlaws on the monitoring market. But unofficially they are welcomed because this is where the money lies.

Spy apps try to sneak under monitoring titles but with spy features.

Spy apps jungle between monitoring and spying, meanwhile messing up users and questioning the ethical side of their use.

The classic example of such application is XNSPY. The app’s positioning is spy non-intrusive software, but the target audience is kids and employees. It calls for “monitor your children and employees,” which is quite contradictory since it messes up the terms “monitoring” and “spying”.

Monitoring means supervising, checking the things that belong to another person only after having got their prior consent. It is perfectly limited and regulated. Spying is a secretive way to fish for some information about the person. It is a direct violation of the human right for the privacy. Thus, when the XNSPY’s developer claims it to be the most reliable non-intrusive spy software, definitely it plays tricks with users. Spying is intrusive by definition. Also, it operates in a hidden background, so another person has no idea they are being spied on.

Is XNSPY responsible for customers?

Spy apps often require an unauthorized intrusion into the device’ system, which is up to customers to deal with.

Other things to consider when regarding spy apps are their availability and liabilities to customers. XNSPY is available for Android and iPhone devices and works with rooting, jailbreak, and non-jailbreak solutions. If you’re a Blackberry or Windows user, it’s possible to find a decent alternative to the XNSPY spy app.

When considering availability, rooting and jailbreaking matter. These processes are unsafe for devices. Rooting means getting access to system files, folders, commands that are normally unavailable to the user. It can be considered as becoming the operating system’s administrator.
Why might Android users need rooting? They can set up and manage software on rooted Android phones and tablets that necessitate specific privileges, bypass carrier setup software or remove bloatware apps installed by developers and carriers. Also, rooting may provide custom fonts or unlock new features in some apps.

In the context of using XNSPY, rooting can be used for such Android spy features as monitor call logs, read text messages, access IM chats, track GPS location, monitor web browsing, inspect multimedia, spy on Facebook, WhatsApp and other popular iMessengers.
When enjoying all the opportunities coming with rooting, a user should consider its consequences. When performing rooting, there is a light risk of breaking the phone. Also, it can hinder of the phone’s getting OTA handset updates, or once updated (if they were done manually), the phone will require the rooting again. Some devices have locked bootloaders that prevent rooting. Since rooting voids the warranty, certain manufacturers made it possible not to accept rooted handsets if something went wrong with their functioning.

Another consequence to consider is security issues. There are apps like banking ones that will stop working after identifying a security risk. Also, a device is more exposed to more dangerous pieces of malware.

Despite multiple discussions on whether it’s legal or not, in the US, rooting is perfectly legal nowadays. Users should always consider the pros and cons of rooting. When using XNSPY, it’s not just about the security of somebody else’s device, but always about the ethical question of causing a potential damage to one’s property.

For the record, if you want to spy on WhatsApp without root with XNSPY, you can view only exchanged photos. To check in WhatsApp chats with their time and date stamps and call logs, yet you’ll need rooting.

Xnspy allows you to spy on the WhatsApp chats, view their time and date stamps, photos and call logs. Keep in mind that you will have to root the Android device to spy on chats and call logs. However, rooting is not required for spying on the photos shared via WhatsApp.
The jailbreak is the same process for iOS devices. Apple itself calls it an “unauthorized modification of iOS” and warns users about its consequences as well. When manufacturing iOS devices, it takes responsibility for their security. Inserted security features protect against malware, viruses, and unauthorized access to personal and corporate data. Otherwise, if a user jailbreaks an iOS device, they will face the following consequences:

  • Unreliability: devices can often crash and lose data; their inbuilt apps or installed ones freeze for no reason.
  • Any damage susceptibility: jailbreaking deletes security layers which are supposed to protect the user’s personal data. Lest hackers will steal personal data, attack networks, damage a device, bring malware, viruses, etc.
  • Sudden tech inconveniences: unreliable data connections, slow connection, dropped calls, inaccurate data delivery.
  • Device’s battery issues: hacked devices have their battery being drained more often and intensely, which results in shortening the performance of iPhones, iPads, or iPods.
  • Inappropriate services provision: iCloud, Apple Pay, FaceTime, Weather can no longer be available for iOS devices. The Exchange service might have problems with synchronizing data with its associated server.
  • Inability to have future updates: hacked iOS device might not be exposed to future Apple-supplied updates.

Apple’s stance on jailbreaking is strict: it violates the iOS end-user software license agreement, and, hence, Apply has the right to refuse maintaining iPhones, iPads, iPods that have unauthorized apps.

If your device is between versions 6.x – 9.0.2, you’ll need the jailbreak to start using XNSPY. It allows you to use such iPhone Spy features (come under the titles given by the manufacturer), such as iPhone IM Chat Spy, iOS Phone Logs Spy, iPhone and iPad GPS Tracker, View Installed Apps, iCloud Backup Alert, Monitor Web Browsing and Multimedia, Call Analysis, Browsing History Analysis, iMessage, WhatsApp and other most used messengers.

A good news is you can use XNSPY without jailbreaking an iPhone if you have Apple credentials (ID and password) of the target device. But if the monitored person changes the iCloud credentials, you won’t be able to monitor the device till new ones will be available to you again.

Spy features AKA spy opportunities: what’s on the plate?

Spy features can bring benefits if used for right people at the right time.

From XNSPY numerous reviews, it became evident that the app provided a substantial number of spy opportunities. Before turning to them, a user should always take into account the ethical side of the use and how it will affect the relationships with a monitored person in the future. But if used for kids or to protect corporate data within the law, it can bring earned benefits to the monitoring people.

The communication is key to understanding the essence of relationships between people. That’s why partners use the Phone Calls and Contacts feature to access to it. So, users can access any call and get to know its exact date, time, and duration; read text messages also with time details and view contacts in the phone book. Moreover, it’s possible to get alerts if a concrete caller tries to get in touch with a monitored person.

Moreover, XNSPY user can access even deleted post backup text and iCloud messages. But if the deletion was made before the backup, it’s impossible to retrieve them.

At present, iMessengers are more used for an informal and unofficial communication. XNSPY allows users to spy on the messengers of the following social media: Viber, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, Tinder.

Social media messengers are used for reaching customers and customizing the way the support and B2C communication are provided. That way, such brands as Hyatt, Disney, CNN, KLM, Uber communicate with their customers via Facebook messenger. Sephora uses Facebook Messenger to skyrocket their booking process and have more bookings. Thus, Facebook Messenger is playing host to 65 million businesses. With such a wide use of iMessengers with business purposes, it’s no surprise that corporate superiors want to spy on iMessages and turn to spy apps like XNSPY. However, this process is quite cumbersome since it’s hard to spy on every employee and the way they interact with others. There are much more efficient ways and tools for that.

The GPS location tracking is another XNSPY feature. You might not want to check where your employees spend their lunchtime, which is well encouraged on the XNSPY official site. But this feature makes more sense for parents who want to know their kid’s current location and follow their movements in general. So, the app allows checking on children remotely. Besides, there’s the geofencing feature which enables parents to set specific no-go areas and informs them if these spots are breached.

Emails are still the channels of the B2B communication. So, business owners can supervise employees work emails as well. Also, they can monitor their online activities, such as:
Browsing history: viewing what websites were visited at work might be quite insightful for employers as well as the frequency of such visits. It makes sense when analyzing the employees’ KPI at work.

Respectively, bookmarks can speak volume about the worker. Typed specific words or phrases on the monitored device thanks to the Keylogger feature (the monitoring person gets notifications about them). The software allows users to record phone calls and surroundings. This is a standard spy feature. It promises to record all incoming and outgoing calls and sounds around the device. Moreover, it’s possible to download a recorded call and listen to it anytime. Unfortunately, this feature might be used for an intentional damage to somebody else.

Before buying the app, users ask how it works technically – listening surroundings remotely.
When a user opens the dashboard menu, they see “Record Surround”, which allows sending a remote order to the target phone. The system will ask how much time you want it to record surroundings and to click “Record”. You can pick up to 30 minutes. Once you have the surroundings recorded, you chose again “Record surround”. You’ll be taken to the page where all the recorded info is stored together with time stamps. After clicking the microphone icon, you’ll see a new window from where it’s possible to download the recording.

XNSPY customers can also view multimedia files and appointments from the calendar. The other person’s photos, videos, and planned events are available on the control panel.
Besides monitoring features, the app offers “managing” ones. Thus, users can lock a target device, remotely erase all its data, view installed apps and block them, use a keylogger feature (covered above), and use Live Screenshots. The latter provides screenshots of the whole phone’s activity.

The XNSPY app offers a sort of “alerts” system. In other words, users get notifications on specific contacts, specific words (from emails, text messages, and iMessengers), particular locations (geo-fencing), and on SIM cards changing.

Wi-Fi network logs is a feature showing the monitored person’s visited wi-fi spots with location, date and time stamps. This might be super powerful when looking for missing kids or trying to track their Internet use frequency.

To conclude, the XNSPY spy app “shamelessly” provides all the opportunities for spying. Before deciding to use it, users should always examine the outcomes for the relationships as well as a legal and ethical side.

The monitoring market offers decent alternatives to spy apps.

The mSpy parental control app is a way out when combining needs for monitoring and an ethical and legal side of its use.

Due to the factors mentioned above, it’s always reasonable to look for decent alternatives, such as the mSpy parental control app. Let’s overview why mSpy is flat out better than any spy apps:

  1. mSpy positioning is absolutely parental. It doesn’t push users to compromise with their significant ones, their devices, and ethical and legal norms.
  2. mSpy meets the needs of the modern society. The era of social media brought positive changes as well as an uncontrolled, unlimited online exposure jeopardizing the personal safety. The app helps control overexposure on the Internet.
  3. The mSpy app provides about 30 monitoring features, which makes it a godsend for caretakers and business owners.
  4. The mSpy software’s primary focus is to prevent online risks by a wise management of the Internet and device use and by instructing customers. This is why the mSpy team, besides elaborating on its flagship product, takes care of its “parental niche” and raises awareness on cyberbullying, online grooming, social media tricks, child sexting. It interviews experts in the field and instructs customers not just on the product but on a secure digital behavior in general.
  5. mSpy will die but protect its customers’ data. With a strong data security system, it has survived multiple cyber attacks and still keeps avoiding them. Besides, its compliance with the GDPR guidelines made it a solid and reliable player on the monitoring market.
  6. mSpy is a “flexible” product. A user can always pick a package with features especially convenient for them. Thanks to its flexibility, any user can find the most comfortable solution.
  7. mSpy is there for customers 24/7 in 8 languages. The support means the world for novices, as for tech-savvy people. Also, there’s so-called mAssistance which accompanies users from the very beginning till the start and on every single step.
  8. mSpy is a problem-preventing app. Parents all over the world can witness how they used the software to prevent cyberbullying or contacts with online predators.
  9. mSpy monitors all the communication that might happen online. It stays under way even if new communication channels appear on the Internet.
  10. mSpy fights against such dangerous online games like the Blue Whale Challenge, which already took the life of more than 130 kids worldwide.
  11. mSpy doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking and, thus, doesn’t make you compromise your phone’s safety and deprive you of Google and Apple benefits.
  12. mSpy has a refund policy. After giving a try, users can always ask for the refund. They are left abandoned.
  13. mSpy got social proof and positive media coverage which shows its trustworthiness and goodwill on the monitoring market.
  14. It offers the $16.66/month cost for your kid’s security. It is within the Premium package and is enough to protect a child online completely.

Summing up…

Whatever the user’s “monitoring” needs, it’s always possible to find a decent alternative which will be a no-brainer. Nowadays, apps which embody both useful features and customers’ values are a common practice. They comprise the positive experience customers want to have and who they really want to be as human beings.


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