XNSPY Review 2023: Is the App Suited for Parental Monitoring?

Daniel Black

Modern technologies offer children diverse possibilities. Youngsters can study online, stay in touch with friends, and entertain themselves whenever they want. But along with that, the internet is full of scammers and predators who seek kids for abuse.

To prevent their children from getting into trouble on the web, some parents use parental controls apps. However, choosing a parental app can also be challenging, as customers need to decide what’s best for them in terms of price and functionality.

The XNSPY app is one of the options you can find online. It’s a parental control app designed to keep you updated on your kids’ activities online and in real time.

However, if you read XNSPY reviews on Sitejabber, you’ll find that the app isn’t perfect and has numerous drawbacks. What’s more, the app developers claim it can be used for employee monitoring, which isn’t entirely legal.

If you need a more reliable solution to supervise your children online, we recommend that you try mSpy. Or you can keep reading this article to know more about XNSPY.

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What Is XNSPY?

XNSPY is a monitoring app that helps parents to keep an eye on their children’s online activity. After being installed on someone else’s device, it records their smartphone activity and uploads it to your XNSPY account.


The app is compatible with iOS and Android-operated devices and works in a hidden mode. XNSPY makes it possible to monitor another person’s activity, such as calls, text messages, contacts, emails, social media apps, instant messengers, connected Wi-Fi networks, sent and received media files, and locations.

The app can also record the surrounding sounds and phone calls on a target device.

What Monitoring Features Does XNSPY Have?

The XNSPY app comes with a broad set of features devoted to helping parents to secure their kids on the Internet. After purchasing a subscription, you can benefit from monitoring:

  • Phone calls and contacts. The app allows you to view call logs on the monitored device and see the list of contacts. This way, parents can find out who their kids talk to most frequently.
  • GPS locations in real-time. With XNSPY, it’s not a problem to know more about your child’s whereabouts. The app makes it possible to see your kid’s location history through their phones or tablets remotely.
  • Emails and bookmarks. You can read your kid’s sent and received emails and also see their bookmarked websites.
  • SMS and chats. If you suspect your kid is bullied via SMS or social media apps, you can read their conversations and messages remotely. XNSPY can monitor WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and Skype. What’s more, it allows you to view shared multimedia files.
  • Keylogger and alerts. The app can record your child’s keystrokes from instant messaging apps to ensure that no restricted words are used. If your kid uses words that you consider inappropriate, the app will notify you immediately.
  • Wi-Fi networks. You can find out where your kid has recently been by seeing a lits of connected networks on their device. The app shows the date and time stamps.
  • Phone calls and surrounding records. You can record and listen to your kid’s phone recordings to know what they are up to online. You can also listen to recorded surrounding sounds.
  • Media files. Check sent, received, and downloaded photos and videos. Monitor the scheduled appointments saved on a target device.

How Do I Install XNSPY on My Kid’s Phone?

Just like mSpy, the XNSPY app needs to be installed on a target person’s phone or tablet. Only a few steps are required to start working with the app:

  1. Go to xnspy.com and create an account. Make sure to use your valid email address during the registration process. Then, confirm your account.
  2. After you confirm your account on XNSPY, log in using your credentials.
  3. Choose a subscription plan and a payment method that suits you best. Purchase the selected plan.
  4. Access your email and find a letter from XNSPY. Follow the installation instructions to download and install the XNSPY monitoring app on the target device.
  5. Finish the setup and log in to your XNSPY dashboard. Use the provided account credentials.

If you want to use XNSPY on an iPhone, you need to know its iCloud credentials to install it remotely. Note that you need to root or jailbreak a target phone to use its advanced features, such as social media monitoring, geofencing, and remote-control commands.

Before installing and running the XNSPY app, we recommend that you back up all the essential data on a target phone or tablet.

What Is XNSPY Price?


XNSPY offers a fair pricing policy on a subscription basis. You can choose between Basic and Premium plans that include monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions.

XNSPY Basic Edition

  • Monthly — $49.99;
  • Quarterly — $69.99;
  • Yearly — $59.99.

XNSPY Premium Edition

  • Monthly — $59.99;
  • Quarterly — $99.99;
  • Yearly — $89.99.

If you want to get the XNSPY free trial, you need to know that they don’t offer services for free. However, you can request money back if you don’t like the app.

You also need to know that switching to a monitored device is offered for money. You’ll have to pay $10 to switch an Android phone and $20 for an iOS phone or tablet. What’s more, you need to buy an additional subscription if you want to monitor multiple devices from your account.

Is XNSPY Legitimate?

Note that XNSPY applies an additional cost for switching a monitored device — $10 for Android and $20 for iOS phone or tablet. And if you want to monitor multiple devices, you need to buy an additional subscription.

If you want to use a monitoring app such as XNSPY or mSPy, you need to be aware of its legitimacy. Good news, you can legally monitor two categories of mobile phone users:

  • Your children under 18 years of age
  • Other people with their consent

Note that you need to tell another person that they are being monitored before installing an app on their device. Other cases of tracking someone else’s phone will be considered privacy violations and result in heavy fines.

mSpy vs XNSPY: Monitoring vs Spying

It’s natural if you want to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet by monitoring their online activity with a parental control app. However, using phone call recording and remote control of someone’s cell phone can hardly be considered legal monitoring features.

It’s better to choose a safer app designed for parental monitoring. The mSpy parental control app can be a good option for you.

mSpy offers a wide selection of monitoring features but doesn’t cross the privacy borders as XNSPY does. With mSpy, you can always be aware of your kids’ whereabouts with a GPS location tracker and know what they are up to on social media.

What’s more, mSpy makes it possible to monitor your child’s real-time location, set geofencing, match passwords with Keylogger, and alert you when restricted words are typed on their device.

If you want to try mSpy, please visit our official website mSpy.com and start a 14-day risk-free trial or access Demo.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.


  • DON’t buy XnSPY.. they don’t have even half of the claimed features. there is almost no refund policy. u’ll end up paying for nothing. it doesn’t support Android v10 (they say they have mentioned it in the website where i cannot see even). there support just reply with cut + paste answers which is very frustrating. veery irresponsible with our money. sometimes end up loosing all your data. time to time they just put more and more restrictions. the customer service doesn’t really care about customers needs and requirements.

  • My subscription was due to expire May 13, 2020. They had released a new version of the program, however you had to have access to the target phone to install it. I notified them that I did not have access to the target phone. They assured me they could refresh my account and the old version would continue to work. On the basis of their assurance, I renewed on May 13, 2020 for 366 days. On December 20,2020 the program stopped working altogether. I emailed them requesting that they refresh my account. I was informed I needed to install the new version. We emailed back and forth numerous times, me telling them I did not have access to the target phone, them telling me I needed to install the new version. I finally realized they weren’t going to correct the problem, and ask they refund a prorated portion of the subscription. They offered to extend the subscription. I told them again that I didn’t have access to the target phone and no amount of extension was of any value to me. I again asked that a prorated portion of my subscription be return. They refused. I have lost almost half the cost of the subscription. I’m very unhappy.

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